Special Moments

Well, this might be a dangerous concept – a diary of my love life, with details. Uh Oh. None-the-less, I had a previous relationship, with, at that time, my one and only true love of my life, where the last thing we did every night was to decide what our special moment was for that day.  My one regret is that I never wrote them down anywhere, and have forgotten most of them. I’ve learned my lesson and, this time, I’m going to try to hang on to them by writing them here.
A little history – I met Crystal one fateful night last year, December 23rd actually. I say "fateful" for a number of reasons. Life is timing and the moon and stars must have been all aligned perfectly that night. My family was celebrating an early Christmas for a number of reasons, and, well,  I had been partaking of the wicked brew a little, thinking I wasn’t going anywhere. My best bud, Wade, came into town though and phoned to say let’s meet at my fav watering hole – the Corral. I knew I wasn’t driving anywhere, but my uncle was here and could drop me off if I asked him nice. I told Wade I could probably get a ride in, but I couldn’t afford a cab home. Being the sweetheart he is, he offered to pay for my cab home, so I went. We were to meet a little later.
Now, a little history on me and the Corral, which has a bearing on my meeting Crystal. In the thirteen years or so I have been going to the Corral I have been very lucky that women like to dance with me, and ask me, so I’ve never ever had to ask a woman I don’t already know to dance. This also meant that the very thought of asking someone struck terror in my heart. What do I do if they say no? Sheer panic. But, having had a few libations, I was either confident enough or stupid enough to approach Crystal. Why? The dumbest approach known to man – I thought I had seen her picture on one of those dating sites, and was curious. I went up to her and said this could be the most embarassing moment of my life, but asked if she was on one of those sites. She slowly said, "no", so I died and there was an awkward silence. Just as I was about to slink away to my corner, she offered, "but I used to be". Saved! I asked what her nickname was and she said "ShyGurl", which I remembered. "Yeah, that’s it!" Whew. Saved.
We went on to have a discussion about how women on these sites are way too open with their real names and addresses and personal information, and they should be more careful. They don’t realize they could be talking to some convict in jail, who will hunt them down and whatever. We got to talking about some shared interests and, at one point I asked her to give me her phone number. She said, "NO". When I asked why, she said I told her not to give out tha kind of information. In protest I said, "not me. I was talking about the other guys!". This was the first insight I got into her incredible wit.  I eventually got up the courage to ask her to dance, and she said  I was too good for her. Yeah, right.  Well, three hours later we were still dancing, and talking, and having a ball. I felt an instant connection and hoped for more.
A little sidebar here, about why I was comfortable with her. Now, she’s a vision – cute, petite, sweet little figure, beautiful smile, but I thought she was maybe in her mid thirties – no danger there, right? In our chatting while dancing I asked her if she had any kids, thinking, if she did, they might be 9 or 10. She said she did – two sons – one 24 and one 22! I can do the math, so I said, "oh, you must have had them when you were nine". We laughed. Danger, Will Roibinson. Danger! She was "old enough" now.  
I don’t even remember how I ever got through the incredible wall of security she has, but somehow I got the precious phone number, at last. I think it was after about thre hours of begging when she had actually remembered my number and called me. Of course her number came up as "private number". I called to see if she wanted to play pool for a bit, and she actually said "yes". If you knew her liike I do now, you would know how hard these "yeses" are to come by. They’re a rare commodity. We agreed to meet at the Corner Pin, near where she lived. And, no, I didn’t get an address from her. No surprise.
Well, for me, that first night was pure magic. There was an instant connection and we laughed and laughed. I was very hesitant to be affectionate in any way with this "shy" girl, so I strained to be more reserved than I wanted to be. I did hug her hello though and she didn’t punch me out. She hadn’t played a lot of pool, so I was doing my best to give her some help, telling her how to hold her cue and so on. At one delicious point she said, "isn’t this the point where you are supposed to be holding me and showing me how to shoot instead of just talking?". Yes, this was my kind of girl! Four hours later we were still laughing and having a ball. I didn’t want the night to end.
Since then we’ve many, many "special moments" – hiking, dancing, talking on some very long phone chats, dinners, movies, or just cuddling up on the couch, watching a movie. There is no better feeling than when I hold her in my arms. We "fit" so well physically. And, yes, she passed the number one test – she likes to "spoon". That’s a biggie! And, number two on the "must be" list, – she’s okay with PDA’s (public displays of affection). Critical.
She is a wonderful, sweet, intelligent, warm, kind, affectionate, funny, and, yes, charmingly shy, girl who warms my heart, and a few other places we won’t talk about here, or anywhere. Where are we now? Well, despite lots and lots of advice against it from friends who know me, Gary is making the fatal mistake of overwhelming her with affection and running "full speed ahead" in our relationship. Not what Crystal wants at this point. She is the cautious one, who doesn’t want to make another mistake with the wrong guy. Go figure – me? the Wrong Guy? Not a chance. Come on. Be nice. Agree with me here. Work with me. You’re supposed to be my friends, eh?
As I said, this is the spot to note our "special moments", so I’ll try to catch up to date:
  • dancing with her the first night.
  • the first call to her actual home number. Yippee! Oh, and her answering "CIA" when I suggested she could teach them a thing or two about security.
  • the "shouldn’t you be holding me" comment at pool.
  • our first kiss – awesome, my toes tingled, and, oh, never mind.
  • spooning.
  • spooning.
  • spooning.
  • her first "okay" after the gazillionth time asking her out.
  • after a two hour conversation, when I asked her if she wanted my home number (she only had my cell) and she said, "what for". Then when she said yes, asked "it’s Gary, isn’t it?". What a lovable smartass.
  • agreeing that PDA’s at the Corral were okay.
  • seeing her wear something other than black, just to show me.
  • changing her MSN Messenger nic to "special moments".
  • laying her head on my shoulder at our first show last night.
  • talking on the phone for two and a half hours last night after the show, and encouraging me to just "be myself" when I was worried I had to back off to stop scaring her off.
  • spooning.
  • cooking our first breakfast. Good cook. Bonus! And, no, I hadn’t stayed over, in case you were thinking that. No such luck.

Stay tuned. I hope there are many, many more "special moments" to record here.




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