Special Moments

Yippee! What a weekend – Friday night dinner to celebrate our "one month" anniversary. Crystal cooked me din din, and she got a rose, a card with "wuv yu" (yes, next stage), a puppy dog calendar (on which to mark important dates, like March 23rd – never mind), and a snuggly poo dog to remind her of me, except for the wrinkles and the sad face, of course. Saturday was yet another yummy dinner, and off to the Corral. Sunday was yet another great breakfast – french toast, ham and home fries – good cook. We were planning to go x-country skiing, but there was a race on at Telemark, and it would be very busy, so we went skating instead. Although she hadn’t skated in twelve years, she did just great! Unfortunately she didn’t need me to hold her up nearly enough. Back to my place for a great steak dinner, thanks to Ron and Wendy, and some all important cuddling watching the tube.
Special moments? Friday was surprising her with the "anniversary" gifts.   Saturday was coming "home" after the Corral, having showers (yes, separetely – damn) and snuggling. Sunday was when we were skating and I was guiding her, I hugged her and gave her a kiss. The skating monitor guy, an older guy, saw us and told me there were rules about hugging and kissing at the rink. When I answered "as much as possible?", he said "yes." Very cute.
Oh, and there was one "not so special" moment as well. Crystal informed me that she was off to Fiji February 3rd through the 19th!!!! A trip planned before she met me. Sixteen days without my sweetie!!!! That’s going to be a tough one. I kid her about meeting her hunky "cabin boy" there, and I’ll be toast. Oh well, absence makes the heart grow fonder, eh, like that’s possible for me????    

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