Well, she’s gone….

Not a great day on any level. I knew this would be hard, but it was worse than I expected. After the bad week I had, I thought it was time to accept the way things were, and adopt the "Crystal Plan" – back off and play the friend, and not be all lovey and kissy. Give her the space she obviously wanted. I wasn’t at her place ten minutes than she said she didn’t like the "new" Gary; she wanted the old one back. She asked what was going on with me, and I said it didn’t work my way, so I’ve adopted her plan now – no affection, no consideration, no Valantine’s Day surprise, no going away card, and no "expectations". She didn’t like this "new me" at all. I give up!
It got so bad at the airport that she said she thought I was just trying to start an argument so she wouldn’t miss me, which is ridiculous. That’s a game I wouldn’t play anyway. It got a little tense between us, but I didn’t want to upset her when she was off on what I hoped would be a great holiday for her. I did hug her and kiss her when we said our goodbyes and I just told her that I needed to back-off a little and let her come to me more. I still wanted to see her when she got back and we would do things together, but I don’t want to pressure her into an "I love you too" thing, when she’s not ready for that and doesn’t feel that way about me. She did say she would actually send me an email, so I guess that’s progress. Sure going to miss her, no matter what.
Oh, and by the way, she looked fantastic! She’s going to break some hearts in Fiji!   

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