Thieves are ruining it for everyone….

Crystal had her son and daughter-in-law up from Vancouver for the weekend. We took them up to Ellison Provincial Park because we knew they would love the scenery and hiking around the rock cliffs. We had a fabulous time exploring the terrain, but when we got back to the car we discovered some punk had screwdrivered my car door and stolen my new digital camera and Crystal’s purse.
Assuming he had taken her cash and credit cards and ditched the purse we hoped he had tossed the purse and we spent an hour searching in vain for it. All her ID was in there, as well as her house and car keys. We called the police as soon as we got back into cell territory and they said they knew who it was. He had just got out of jail and was at it again, but they couldn’t prove anything. As time wore on we began to realize all the things Crystal would have to do because of this scum. We had to call a locksmith immediately to get her into her place. She has to have her car rekeyed and replace all of her stolen ID and cards. It is also very upsetting to her that some punk is out rhere with her address and keys to get into her building and to steal her car.
All of this is only made worse we when found out ICBC doesn’t cover anything that isn’t bolted to the car. Everything that was taken was "personal" and not covered, so we suffer the loss and must pay for this creep’s actions. The police admit it’s just a revolving door with this guy. What a system! These punks are protected while we victims are just out of luck. Imagine how tourists must feel about our wonderful valley when this happens to them?
Sad, Truly sad.

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