April 30 – Hike – McDougall Rim

Almost felt guilty about not telling the ski club about this one. Naw, I don’t, not after zero turnout last week. We were a little later heading out than we usually are (yes, my fault), but reached the highpoint around three or so. As you can see by the pics, the views are just awesome! It was another gorgeous Okanagan day and we made the most of it. From the starting point it’s only three kilometres to this spot, but it’s about ninety-five percent uphill, so quite the challenging and enjoyable hike. We were going to go go-karting when we got down, but it was too late, so we’ll save that for another day. Had a nice steak dinner and watched Tristen & Isolde. Great day!

April 23rd Blade n Bike

What a bust, at least as far as the club was concerned. Not a sole showed up from the ski club. Thank you to Crystal who came blading with me down the Recreation Corridor, then biking on the Greenway. It was an absolutely fantastic day weather-wise! Could not have been better. We had a great day, despite the lousy turn-out.