Off to the Coast!

We’re leaving today for what I hope is a sort of mini vacation to Vancouver. Really looking forward to a few days away from all the work. Crystal gave me a pleasant surprise by telling me she’s leaving work much earlier than planned – 10:00 o’clock instead of 2:00 o’clock, so we’re getting away good and early. Hopefully we’ll avoid the rush hour craziness by getting there early. We’re staying with her son, Mathew and his wife, Tanya (yes, in seperate rooms) and I’ve planned a host of "must dos". We’re going to Boon County tonight; biking and blading in Stanley Park tomorrow; catching the Chinese Festival; seeing the big finale of the Celebration of Light; Granville Island, then Sunday going to North Van, starting at the Caplilano Bridge, then Lonsdale Quay, then to Lynn Canyon, and finally to IMAX. Monday we’re going to stop at IKEA on the way back and probably do some berry picking along the way.
The weather is supposed to be fantastic, so it should be a good one. Report when I get back. Have to go pack.

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