Have to keep some balance here. Weekend wasn’t great, for obvious reasons, but I did manage to keep busy, despite the pain in my foot and in my heart. Went to Penticton Saturday to Peachfest with Sylvie, and to see my band – The Salmon Armenians. Although I wanted to stay to see The Powder Blues Band, Sylvie wanted to leave, so we started looking for somewhere to eat. With Peachfest on everywhere was crazy busy, with at least a forty-five minute wait, so we headed off to Peachland, and had a great meal at The Gashaus. Sylvie bought dinner, which was a bonus and a really unusual experience for me, cause all I ever do is pay. We sat down on the beach after dinner and talked relationships, which was strange with an ex, but helpful.
Sunday I got an email from Lorraine in the ski club asking if there was a hike today, but with my foot hiking isn’t possible, so we went up to the Kettle Valley Railroad to bike. I had been up there to bike the actual trestle bed, but never the new bypass. Don’t bother. It’s a long hill climb and just a logging road through the bush. No real scenery and nothing special. Better to ride the railbed.
Came home to BBQ a steak and relax and ice my foot. Got a call and had an very unpleasant argument with you know who. It ended with me hanging up, which I never do, when she had the nerve to suggest I didn’t care. After almost eight months of showing her in every way possible just how much I did care, waiting patiently for her to respond even a little, and trying desperately to understand how cold she could be with me, this was the final insult. She professes to not be a cruel person, but to even suggest I don’t care after what I have done these past few months is unbelievably cruel. Another knife cut. I am getting pretty battered and bruised and losing my faith in love, that’s for sure. Finding a good woman to share my life is becoming a fantasy.  

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