There aren’t many benefits to being alone in the world, with no friends to do stuff with, but I discovered at least one. I had planned to surprise a "special someone" with tickets to CATS for our eighth "anniversary", but this obviously went down the drain. I really wanted to see this production, so I swallowed my pride and decided to do the dreaded "go alone" thing. Man, was I rewarded! I went online to buy my tickets, and got seat A7, which I discovered by the seating chart was "front row centre" – a seat I have never been able to get anywhere. It was an amazing experience! In this play the cast often comes down right in front of the stage and one number in particular was performed literally a few feet from me. I was tempted to reach out and hug a cat. Some of them were really "cute cats". One in particular seemed to be looking right at me, although it was a bit frustrating that, with the incredible makeup, I had no idea who she was in real life. 
To see CATS is to understand why this is one of the longest running plays in the world. The music and the dancing is beyond description. I was truly impressed with the professionalism of the cast, many of whom were local talent. It’s a huge cast and, without exception they were all just amazing singers and dancers. The choreography was done by our very own Robb Card, and it was inspiring. The moves could not have been more "cat-like". There was a lot of unexpected humor, and some really heart-wrenching moments, like the very tragic "Glamor cat". Andrew Lloyd Webber’s music is much of the reason for the success of this play. If you don’t get that "rush" when Memory starts, one of the most recognizable songs in the world, you are just dead inside. If money was no object I would see CATS again and again. My only regret was not having someone to share this incredible experience with.

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