If you’re going to be single….

….it’s good to have ex girlfriends. lol. Wasn’t looking forward to yet another day of work on a "holiday" and then Sylvie came on chat and asked if I wanted to go roller blading. We met downtown and had a great couple of hour blade and a beer at Roses. Went over to her new place after to see my "boys", well, ex "boys" – her dogs, who really seemed to remember me. Just got home and started dinner, when Tracy phoned and asked me to go go-karting, as she had a couple of hours without the kids. We had a ball! She’s the only woman I’ve ever truly "raced" with, and they even let us go the other way on our second run, which was a challenge and a lot of fun. We said our good-byes and headed off, then ended up phoning each other at the exact same minute, laughing at what it was like to drive our trucks right after 20 laps in a go-kart. Not quite the same response from a truck. lol.
Good fun. Nice to have lady friends who still call and remember we DID have a lot of fun.  

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