Maybe my luck is changing?

Must be cause I’m not exactly lucky in love right now. I am one of those people who never win anything. I’ve played the same damned lottery numbers for almost eighteen years now with nothing. I’m the only one with Scrath and Lose tickets.
We have a fund-raising draw at our ski club meeting, where we raffle off a bottle. Last Thursday I won! Course, it was a bottle of that licorise tasting stuff which I hate, so I gave the bottle to one of the ski club members. At least I won something.
Last night at the Corral was a fund-raising event and, at the last minute, Lisa, the coat-check girl gave me a ticket to fill out. Jokingly I told her I never win anything, so if I won, I’d give it to her. I was dancing with Jackie when they called my name. I won a big gift basket, which Lisa is now enjoying.
Hey, maybe the cute blonde comes next?  I’d settle for winning the lottery tonight. I’ll buy me a blonde or two.

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