Thoughts on Chain Letters

Over the last ten or fifteen years or so I have received hundreds of those chain letters promising me "good" luck. Now I am not normally one to complain, BUT, during this time:
  • my marriage of twenty-three years fell apart,
  • my children, who encouraged me to "go west young man", disowned me and haven’t spoken to me in over ten years,
  • my father passed away suddenly,
  • my mother has advanced Alzheimer’s and doesn’t even know me,
  • my sister took money from my mother and refused to explain it, forcing me to sue her,
  • my brother screwed me out of thousands of dollars, for the third and final time, and we aren’t speaking anymore,
  • I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes,
  • the only true "love of my life" changed her mind, and told me to move out,
  • a person I considered a true friend, and one I had worked tirelessly for, screwed me out of almost two grand and won’t even talk to me anymore, for no reason,
  • this same "friend" totally ruined the one and only holiday I had in my life to a place like Mexico,
  • and now, my small birthmark on my face turned out to be melanoma and I just had surgery to remove it, leaving a "mark of Zorro" scar that certainly ain’t pretty. 

So, PLEASE don’t send me any more "good" luck emails. Maybe if they stop my luck will change. lol.



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