This was written by a dear friend.

It deserves to be shared by everyone. She wrote this for a speech to her class. It is a first person diary of a girl on the Titanic. As you read it, try to guess the author’s age. I’ll tell you at the end.


Fellow classmates, today I will be
talking to each and every one of you from a different opinion. My speech
is a diary view in the eyes of Janna Rose. She is a fictional character
who is my character and happens to write a diary while attending the
ride of the famous and well-known ship, The Titanic.

Dear Diary:
April 5th, 1912 8:21 AM

My cruise is almost here. I’ve even heard that it is the largest boat yet. It’s a five-star boat and only rich people can afford to go on it. There’s going to be expensive restaurants, pools, and my room will be huge! Though it kind of sucks that I have to share it with my little brother, Tyler, and mother, but it will still be great. This is going to be unbelievably amazing, as well as really fun.

Dear Diary:
April 6th, 1912 6:15 PM
I’m finally on board! We have already set sail! I will be on my xruise from the 10th until the 19th. Tyler is swimming on the upper deck. I’m simply writing in my diary, as you can see, whoever you are. I need to go now. Mother would like to go out for dinner.

Dear Diary:
April 7th, 1912 11:00 AM
Dinner was amazing! I had scallops….mmmm. Mother even let me have a taste of her wine! This cruise is like paradise; even the name of it makes it sound completely awesome. It’s SO big! I hope it will float.

Dear Diary:
April 8th, 1912 7:00 PM
Oh my gosh, there’s even a tennis court here too! It’s too bad Dad isn’t here with us. So many people guessed I was mother’s daughter…apparently we look alike. Might come in handy, for if I, or even Mother gets lost or something, kind of likely on a boat this large.

Dear Diary:
April 9th, 1912 6:15 PM
Only six days left. I don’t want to go home, or even back to Tennessee. I’m having such a good time. It’s kind of like I never want it to end. Too bad it will have to one of these short days. It seems the days keep getting constantly shorter. One of these days, well, the day will be gone….but anyways.

Dear Diary:
April 10th, 1912 2:21 PM
Time obviously flys by when you are having fun. I’ve made so many friends on this cruise. First there is Felicity, Grace, and Stephanie and, of course, there’s Jessie. Except Felicity’s years younger than I am. Tyler got lost this morning, unfortunately, we found him.

Dear Diary:
April 11th, 1912 9:30 AM
The pace of the water is gaining rush. Mother told us that the captain went in the wrong direction. This kind of sucks. I’m still having a great time though. Tyler is sleeping in one of his new friend’s cabin, and mother is going out tonight, so I’ll be all alone tonight.

Dear Diary:
April 11th, 1912 3:21 PM
This is unbelievable! I’m getting a bit scared. The water is slamming my window…it is making a loud noise.

Dear Diary:
April 11th, 1912 10:34 PM
Mother says that everything will be fine. I don’t believe her. The captain wants to throw an adult party tonight. I feel a bit better now because the water is slowing down and getting a bit calmer. It is not slamming into my window and making that big crash noise.

Dear Diary:
April 12th, 1912 11:14 AM
The water is completely calm now, so it will be okay. The person, whose name has slipped my mind, will be hosting another party in two days…again I will be alone because it is going to be a party for little kids assisted by and adult, so Tyler is going with my mum. Once again I will be alone.

Dear Diary:
April 13th, 1912 7:49 PM
Calm waters continue. It’s true. I don’t have anything to worry about. This will all work out. The weather is nice, beautiful really and the sun is as radiant as ever. The water is slow and calm. I hung out with Grace today. It was so fun! We went swimming, and I found out she has a little brother named Jacob and Tyler is constantly hanging out with him. In a couple of days our families are going to go out for lunch or something. It will be awesome.

Dear Diary:
April 14th, 1912 8:22 PM
Mother just left for her party, and Tyler is sleeping. Oh, wait, there’s a knock on the door. It is a man. One second.

The man at the door was an assistant to the captain. He told us to meet in the ballroom. He said that the lookouts saw an iceberg and that we were all to meet in the ballroom immediately. At the moment I have no clue where Mother is and I am sitting in the ballroom. The speaker depressingly said that we only have a few hours until we sink for good and we will all die. He also mentioned life boats coming, but not all of the boarders will be able to reserve a spot. Therefore there is no reservation for life. Many will need to drown, and die. Presently, he is explaining how the children need to board first. Now I am intensely scared. This is frightening. I can’t find mother anymore. No! Everything just shifted and I can hear the water coming from a flow…and Tyler is gone! I need to go and find him.

Dear Diary:
April 14th, 1912 1:13 AM
I found him, drowning in the hallway. I can’t save him now. Mother is gone. I’m all alone now. Even at this moment I am in the lifeboat sailing away from my brother and my mother. I have no idea where I am going to end up. I have no idea what will happen next. All I know is I am alone and terrified.

Classmates, Jenna Rose did successfully survive, although her friends, Mother and Tyler did not survive. Jenna Rise is living in a foster home at the moment. My speech was geared towards telling you all that this was what the Titanic was like. At first it was paradise, but ended up in death. I’m not trying to scare you, I’m just saying, don’t forget about the Titanic’s sinking date. Now it is a place in history, and always will be. The Titanic sunk April 15th, 1912 at 2:20 AM.


She’s 12!