Diary of a Diabetic

Somewhat fatalistic, I know, but I thought I had best know the warning signs before I slip off into the diabetic coma. It’s been four weeks now without my meds, for the first time since being diagnosed way back in 2004. I was better off not knowing.

With the sole exception of cognitive problems, which, as far as I know, I don’t have, I have every other symptom. Yikes!

Dehydrated? Oh boy, am I! My tongue and mouth are like the proverbial Gobi desert. There’s not much room in my day for anything but drinking and peeing. My mouth gets so dry when I sleep that it wakes me up. About the only "remedy" I have found is to suck on ice all day.

Cardiovascular? For the first time in my entire life I am getting chest pains around my heart. I know as a diabetic I am a poster boy for a heart attack. Stress is also something to avoid, but when I get the chest pains, I can feel my anxiety level soar, which only makes it worse.

Circulation? A big warning sign for diabetics is your feet. Mine are swollen and painful as hell and even lying down doesn’t make the pain stop.

Muscular? Ever get those horrible Charlie Horse cramps? Man, they are brutal and I am getting them more and more, and in my feet. Not a good sign.

Teeth? Who would have ever thought there was a connection between diabetes and teeth? No sooner am I not taking my medications than I lose a giant crater filling I’ve had forever, plus a big piece of the outside of one of my teeth falls off. I’ll soon be gumming the food I don’t have.

Weakness? Oh yeah. I live in a loft, well, for now, and the bathroom, which I need frequently, is two flights down. By the time I make it back to my loft I have to catch my breath. I have always been active and in good shape for most of my life, so this sudden loss of stamina sucks.

Vision? Real trouble driving late at night and every once in a while I can’t read my computer.

Sexual? Let’s not go there and I have no one in my life right now for that to be a problem, but let’s just say it appears my boy has gone to sleep.

So, without my meds soon, looks like I’ll soon discover what Hyperglycemic Hyperosmolar Nonketotic Syndrome
is. Not pretty!

I’m going to ask my doctor if he will check me into the hospital so I can get some emergency medication, probably major insulin needed by now (my meter just reads TOO HIGH), and for them to feed me. Bad as hospital food is, it’s better than the food I don’t have. Don’t have clue what else to do. I have 35 cents in my account and my employer won’t help me out. Sucks BIGTIME!


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