My Christmas Wish List

Many people wish for traditional “gifts” under their tree. After a lifetime of those typical Christmas mornings, this year my list is a little more basic. It has been a difficult couple of years and I realize what are the important things in life. Here’s my list, in no particular order:

  • to meet and spend some time with my five grandchildren, only one of which I have ever met.
  • to reconnect with my son and daughter, who I have not seen in more that fifteen years.
  • to find a full-time job that I love and pays enough for me to survive.
  • to return to my beloved Okanagan Valley in BC, the last place I was truly happy.
  • to reconnect with the many friends I made in the Okanagan during the sixteen years I was there.
  • to find someone special to love me and share my life.
  • to find a way to repay those people who have helped me through difficult times.
  • to find friends and not be so alone.
  • to be able to do normal things, like dance at a bar, go for a drink or a meal out.
  • to not struggle each and every day to eat, stay healthy and have faith in the future.
  • to find a way to pay for my diabetic medications and avoid the serious consequences of going without them.
  • to find happiness.