Memories of the Kettle Valley

My Dad, rest his soul, and I spent almost every weekend dirt-biking on our trusty Hondas. We saw such amazing country and had so many wonderful memories. You couldn’t beat dirt-biking for a cheap sport. I had several Hondas over the years, my favorite a 1987 Honda 185 that we bought off George who used to run the off-road adventures. Dad and I modified an old boat trailer by adding ramps using steel door frames and tie down bars. We could load our bikes in about five minutes. We had a pack of beer in a cooler strapped to the back of the bike. Mum packed us a lunch. Even though we rode miles, one ride being two hundred and fifty kilometers through Douglas Lake ranch, we hardly ever used more than a couple of bucks of gas. It was always a hoot when we stopped and opened the beer, which, of course, exploded after being bounced around on the back of a dirt bike. Continue reading


My thoughts on TV

Having lost my cable because Rogers wanted my first born child to continue (he’s an adult now and objected) offering what they call “service”, and being blackmailed by Rogers who are preventing Bell from providing me service (shouldn’t that be illegal?), I am left with only my one local over-the-air channel, which, thanks to the government, apparently, I am also going to lose come August. Continue reading

If I win the lottery

My dream girl.

Right after I pay off all my debts and look after some friends I am going to spend what it takes to find my next love. Hey, I can dream can’t I? She’s only in Guelph. It could happen. Okay, first I need to be able to buy a ticket.

My downtown apartment….the one with no windows.

Business ideas – backgrounder.

For most of my life I maintained a file called, simply, “Ideas”, where I put drawings and writings and anything else related to an idea I had for a business venture. Before long the file became bulky with lots of ideas over the decades. When, at the last minute, I had to pair down everything I owned to fly to Panama instead of drive as I had intended, the file had to go. Naturally today, as I struggle to survive, I think of that file and wish it were still with me. For much of my life I have been criticized for being “ahead of my time”, so many of those ideas in that file might be more workable now. Continue reading

My bearded ways. Just once in every man’s life….

Rants n Raves – What ever happened to the Smart Box?

Years ago I read an article about the Smart Box that would soon be in every home and would revolutionize how we receive our television, telephone, music, games and movies. ┬áIt would be a single conduit into the home and would deliver all the services throughout the home, with no wires. The discussion at the time was who would bring this to your home – telcos, cable companies, satellite companies, maybe even municipalities or local power companies. The technology was already there and companies like Shaw were promoting “fiber to every home” to provide the highest possible speeds. What happened to this vision? Continue reading

No longer

I no longer need to wonder what it will be like to get old……I am old and have all the aches and pains to prove it.

I no longer need to wonder what it would be like to be fat…….I’ve put on twenty-five pounds since quitting smoking and I am fat.

I no longer feel the warmth and security of being surrounded by family……My dear parents have both died and my kids abandoned me years ago. I have no family.

I no longer wonder what my friends think of me……..I have no friends.

I no longer worry about what to do with all my money…………….I have none.

I no longer spend hours renovating my house…………..I have no house.

I no longer worry about repairs, insurance or gas for my car………….my beater car has been parked for months.

I no longer worry about fashion in clothes……………….I have not had money for clothes in years.

I no longer wonder what it’s like to be loved by someone special…………I have not been in love for a year.

I no longer wonder how it feels to have someone special in your life…………..I have been alone for a year.

I no longer marvel at the joys of where I live…………..I am stuck here, it seems, forever.

I no longer wake every day, impatient to get to work………….I haven’t worked since last year.

I know longer know why I am here.