Tip to Survive on Welfare – A Cheap Meal

One box of Loblaws’ Butcher’s Choice burgers (very tasty) on sale for $4.99 for box of eight. D’Italiano Crustini buns, on sale for $2.77 for pack of eight. Cheese slice, Kraft singles on sale for $2.00, bit of mustard and mayo. Splurge on dill pickles, $2.97 for a small bottle of sliced. Dinner for eight nights, although not a lot of variety. less than $1.50 a meal! If you can do without bread or milk for a couple of days, you can mix it up with bacon, No Name on sale for $2.99, or exotic things like mushrooms. What you can’t afford is fresh vegetables like lettuce, tomatoes or onions because these have gone up 18% in the last year, with no increase in the food allowance from welfare.
* all prices quoted are from Adrian’s No Frills in the Argyle Mall.

If you live in the London area Doris Family Produce at the Covent Garden Market sells a nifty little bag of prepared carrots and celery for $2.50. Helps to kill the hunger pains and it’s healthy food you can afford!


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