Life has been full of challenges over the last couple of years, starting with the sudden death of my father in my arms. I am not where I expected to be, in any sense, and my blog is part random thoughts and part therapy. I hope to get my life back together and return to the Okanagan some day, where I was truly happy. I also hope that by some miracle I manage to reconnect with my kids and grandkids, who I miss so much in my life.

If I leave this world before reconnecting with my kids I hope some kind soul will try to get in touch with them to share my blog with them. The only confirmed email address I have is my former sort of daughter-in-law, although they have since split up, Tina Rawlings and her email is t.rawlings@hotmail.com. I don’t have one for either my son, Chris, or my daughter, Heather. Neither of them want anything to do with me, for whatever reason. My ex, Janice, has also made no attempt to respond to me either. You would almost think that I wasn’t a good husband and father for twenty-three years, wouldn’t you?


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