Healthcare in Ontario SUCKS!

When I lived in BC and was diagnosed with diabetes in 2004 everything I needed was covered by my medical plan. Not so in Ontariario. You have to fight for every dollar. The best example of idiotic care here is that they pay for insulin but not the needles to take it. Are we supposed to drink it? Needles are $40 a box, and, if like me you use six a day, that box doesn’t last very long.

As a diabetic the two most critical things for me are my vision and my feet. Complications of diabetes often lead to blindness and foot amputations, so it’s critical that the health of your eyes and feet are constantly monitored. My diabetic specialist recommended that I go for thorough testing on my eyes, so I booked an appointment with my ophthalmologist. After the testing which showed some areas to monitor, I was presented with a surprise bill for $127! Despite the fact that this testing is critical to my health OHIP doesn’t pay for it. I filed an appeal and after a YEAR of back and forth correspondence and a gazillion forms, all sent courier from OHIP at great expense, and a phone hearing, they denied my appeal, despite agreeing to my point.
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