The month from hell

After being bounced through all three shelters in London through the month I have finally landed on my feet, sort of, although only the struggles have changed.It was a challenge to find anywhere to live in this town, especially with no money for rent. By pure chance I had met a guy at the lunch at St. Pauls. He was telling me about his place and I ended up going over to see it. Again, by pure chance, the landlord’s fix-it guy happened to be there installing a deadbolt. He mentioned that they had just bought the building and they had a couple of studio and bachelor apartments. He showed me one that had just been completely renovated. Although it was nice, my first reaction wasn’t great because it had no windows. It did have three skylights so it was plenty bright in there, but the thought of living in a place where you couldn’t open a window was unusual to say the least.

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